The Independent Malts Collection

United by quality and independence: four distilleries, three regions and one destination.

Taste the diversity of the Independent Malts Collection and join us on a journey of discovery to Scotland's independent distilleries. In independence, they enjoy the freedom to decide for themselves what makes an exceptional single malt.

Glenfarclas, Kilchoman, Springbank and Kilkerran: a selection of the most renowned independent distilleries - that is the Independent Malts Collection; a compilation of exceptional single malts from the famous whisky regions of Speyside, Islay and Campbeltown.

Only a few distilleries have retained their independence - and thus many creative freedoms in production and bottling. But they still exist, the independent distilleries. Each of the selected distilleries stands for its very own special features, offers an individual taste experience and is thus naturally unique. However, they have one thing  in common: their independence and thus the endeavour to produce a unique single malt of their whisky region.

Discover the Single Malts of the Independent Malts Collection now

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What makes the Independent Malts Collection so remarkable

Logo Independent Malts Collection
  • The distilleries are independent, of which there are only a few left in Scotland. Independence means creative freedom in production, and with it: the highest demands on quality and authenticity of the single malts.
  • Each brand has its own unique character, reflecting the special features of the respective region.
  • The whisky expertise is passed down through the generations at each of the four distilleries.
  • Of course, all single malts are bottled without colouring.

The distilleries of the Independent Malts Collection

Glenfarclas Distillery - The Spirit of Independence

Run by the sixth generation: Glenfarclas. The distillery has been owned by the Grant family since 1865, making it one of Scotland's best-known distilleries. Single malt whisky with a special character from Speyside is produced here. The distillery is distinguished by its excellent cask management and 100% sherry cask maturation and produces a single malt in a class of its own.

Kilchoman Distillery – 100% Islay - From Barley to Bottle

Scotland‘s Only Single Farm Single Malt: Kilchoman. The distillery was founded in 2005. Since the beginning, the 100% Islay philosophy has been to produce a single malt that revives the centuries-old tradition of farm whisky. The distillery was founded with the particular ambition of being completely independent. At Kilchoman, everything is made entirely in one place. From Barley to Bottle.

Springbank Distillery – The Work of Human Hands

Scotland's oldest family-owned distillery: Springbank. Founded in Campbeltown in 1828, always following the motto "The Work of Human Hands", the Springbank Distillery stands for special traditional single malt whiskies with different distillation styles and smoke intensities, which are still produced entirely on site.

In addition, with the 2.5-fold distilled, classic Springbank, the 3-fold distilled, elegant Hazelburn as well as the typical 2-fold distillation of the powerful Longrow, the Springbank Distillery works out an extraordinary wealth of variants, for which the Kintyre peninsula with its Campbeltown whisky region has always been known.

Glengyle Distillery – The Newest Old Distillery

The Glengyle Distillery was founded in 1873 by William Mitchell and produced a typical Campbeltown malt before closing its doors seemingly forever in 1925. In 2004, it was reopened - again by the Mitchell descendants. Since then, lightly peated whiskies have been produced here under the Kilkerran label. The malt is sourced from the sister distillery Springbank.

What does it mean to be independent? Independence means being able to take the freedom to individually adapt products, methods and processes. The four distilleries in the Independent Malts Collection interpret this freedom in very different ways. The choice of the right barley and casks, the type of production - all decisions are made independently. The result: unique single malts with their very own taste profile.

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