Terms & Conditions Whisky.de Bonus Points

1. General Information

The Whisky.de/Whisky.com bonus system is operated by Whisky.de GmbH & Co. KG, represented by the personally liable partner Whisky.de Verwaltungs GmbH, Amtsgericht München, HRB 225432 (hereinafter "Whisky.de"). With your order and registration for the customer account you accept these conditions of participation as binding. Within the context of the bonus system, you collect bonus points for every purchase over €50 in the Whisky.de online shop in accordance with these terms and conditions of participation. You can redeem these immediately or with one of the next orders via the Whisky.de/Whisky.com online shop.

2. Conditions of Participation

Participation in the Whisky.de/Whisky.com bonus system is free of charge. There is no legal claim for participation in the bonus system.

The bonus system is aimed at consumers. Business customers are not eligible to participate in the bonus system.

3. Bonus Points, Awarding Points, etc.

In order to redeem bonus points for a later order, a customer account is necessary to be able to save the points within the account. To redeem your points, it is also necessary that you are logged in to your account during the order process. Within the bonus system framework, you will receive one bonus point per every €50 order value (excluding shipping costs) for each order completed in the Whisky.de/Whisky.com online shop, with the exception of items in the category "Rarities", as well as vouchers and items over €600 individual price. It is at the discretion of Whisky.de to exclude further individual products or categories from generating bonus points. You can check the status of your bonus points in your customer account. Points will be credited to your bonus points account after successful receipt of payment, unless they are redeemed immediately in the course of completing the order.

Should a return of goods take place, in particular in the context of a revocation, withdrawal or cancellation, the underlying bonus points will be retroactively cancelled. This may also result in a negative points balance if these points have already been redeemed. Bonus points are valid for 24 months after the last order and expire automatically after this period. Please note that collecting and redeeming bonus points is only possible for orders placed via the online shop and not via other ordering channels (e.g. by telephone) at Whisky.de/Whisky.com.

You will receive one bonus point for creating a verified review. A review is considered to be verified if it contains at least four tasticons or flavour keywords (e.g. oak, smoke, sherry, fruit, etc.) and was created for a bottle that you have previously purchased from us in the online shop. Please note that for technical reasons it is not possible to create verified ratings for items you have purchased from us via other ordering channels (e.g. by telephone). Only the first verified rating will be awarded a point, subsequent ratings for the same product will not receive any points. Whisky.de reserves the right to check verified ratings and, if necessary, to delete the rating and the points awarded retroactively in the event of misuse.

4. Redeem Points

The bonus points can be redeemed in the Whisky.de/Whisky.com shopping basket for a changing range of thank-you gifts while stocks of the respective gift last. There is no entitlement to the gifts shown, the corresponding point value is determined by Whisky.de. Bonus points can also be redeemed as a discount on the purchase price. The following applies: 1 point corresponds to € 0.50 discount. For procedural reasons, the bonus discount cannot be redeemed for orders with articles with a reduced tax rate (e.g. food, ...). You can redeem your collected bonus points at any time via the Whisky.de/Whisky.com online shop. Cash payment of the equivalent value of the collected bonus points is excluded. A transfer or assignment of the bonus points to a third party is excluded. The bonus points are not pledgeable and will be credited back to your account in the event of a revocation of an order placed with them. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.

5. Amendments of the Conditions of Participation

You may terminate your customer account and the associated bonus points account at any time without a period of notice. Notice of termination must be given in text form to Whisky.de. Whisky.de reserves the right to block your customer account for good cause (e.g. due to misuse of the customer account) at any time or, in extreme cases, to terminate it. Furthermore, Whisky.de is entitled to discontinue, amend or change the bonus system and these conditions of participation, subject to a reasonable period of notice. In the event of good cause, this is also possible without observing such a period of notice. Whisky.de reserves the right to make changes or additions to these conditions of participation, should this should be necessary for legal or technical reasons for the implementation of the bonus system. Changes due to a changed legal situation or changes that are not disadvantageous for the customer become effective immediately and without observance of a period of notice. Furthermore, Whisky.de reserves the right to discontinue the bonus system or to transfer it to a successor system with due regard for the interests of the customer.

Status 05.12.2022

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